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Core Products

You will be asked for a name and an email address before being allowed to access the following downloads. This is to allow us to send you any additional information that may be required to start using the product and your details will remain confidential.

SmartLedger First Accounts Low cost book-keeping and invoicing application based on the Artemis Accounts database.
Artemis Accounts 1 Entry level small business accounts.
Artemis Accounts 2 Most popular choice for most businesses.
Artemis Accounts 3 For those who need full stock/inventory control.
Artemis Accounts 2 C/S (5-user)  Multi-user version of Artemis Accounts 2.
Artemis Accounts 3 C/S (5-user) Multi-user version of Artemis Accounts 3.
HRPay (IRL) - All Versions * Irish payroll for 5, 20, or 100 employees.
HRPay (UK) - All Versions * UK payroll for 5, 20, or 100 employees.
ATAMS DemoDemo version of ATAMS Time & Attendance Management System.
SalesCycle CRM Client Low cost CRM - client application.
SalesCycle CRM Suite Low cost CRM - full package containing client application and servers.
* Both of the HRPay variations consist of a single download for all versions. The choice of 5, 20, or 100 employees is made when the application is first started.


Complimentary Products and Add-ins

Artemis Accounts Add-ins

Add-ins are plug-in libraries which provide additional functionality in Artemis Accounts. When an add-in is installed, additional functions are available within the application. These modules are only available for Artemis Accounts 2 & 3 and are currently provided free of charge.

osCommerce ModuleIntegrates Artemis Accounts with an osCommerce online store.
Multi-company Consolidation Module Intercompany transfers & consolidation routines for two or more companies.
Customer Pricelists Add-inProvides customer-specific price lists in Artemis.
Point of Sale ModuleProvides a basic multi-currency Point of Sale terminal in Artemis.
Stats. and Contacts Add-inCustomer/supplier trading summary and contact database.

Artemis Accounts Database Extras

Additional software utilities for database administration, etc.

Data Import UtilityA utility to import third-party data into Artemis Accounts.
Database Update Utility A utility to verify/upgrade Artemis databases to the most recent version.
Server Installation PackServer application to run Artemis Accounts 2/3 in Client/Server, multi-user mode.
Database System UtilityA database explorer to view the tables in the Artemis database.

SalesCycle Servers

The basic SalesCycle client operates as a single user application. Multiple clients can be linked together into a company-wide system, providing email, group chat, and calendar-sharing, by installing the following server applications:

SalesCycle Database Server Database server to allow SalesCycle to operate in Client/Server mode.
SalesCycle Mail ServerInternal email server for for intra-company mail.
SalesCycle Chat ServerChat server to allow group chat and message notes between SalesCycle clients.


Products for Schools & Parishes

The SmartBooks range is targeted specifically at Irish Primary Schools and Parishes.

SmartBooks Parish Accounts Parish accounting application with integrated standing order and envelope management.
SmartBooks Parish Accounts for IPS Parish accounting application configured to work with IPS System.
SmartBooks School AccountsAccounting system for Irish Primary Schools.


Documentation & Help Files

Some user guides are available as PDFs and some are self-running compiled HTML Help files. As we no longer produce PDF manuals for any products, and the most up-to-date documentation is contained in the help files included with each product, the following are provided for general information only:

Artemis Accounts Light User GuideOriginal user guide for Artemis Accounts Light. (PDF)
Artemis Accounts Standard User Guide Original user guide for Artemis Accounts Standard. (PDF)
Artemis Accounts Plus+ User GuideOriginal user guide for Artemis Accounts Plus+. (PDF)
Client/Server User GuideA useful introduction to Client/Server implementation of Artemis Accounts. (PDF)
ATAMS ManualATAMS User Guide in self-running compiled HTML Help format.
HRPay User Guide (IRL)HRPay User Guide for Ireland. (PDF)
HRPay User Guide (UK)HRPay User Guide for the UK in self-running compiled HTML Help format.


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