You shouldn't have to pay a premium for your accounting system just because your business is successful!

There is an alternative.

Artemis Accounts - the ideal mid range accounting package.

The ideal mid range accounting system for your growing business, at a truly unbeatable price!


Affordable mid range accounting package

If you're looking for a mid range accounting system that is powerful yet easy to use, Artemis Accounts is the solution you need. Starting at a mere €849 for a 5-user system, this accounting software is fast, powerful and comprehensive - and costs at least 30% to 50% less than its nearest competitors.

Artemis is not a single product, but a family of totally compatible accounting products. Together, they cater for the accounting needs of a wide range of businesses - from one-person home offices to medium-sized organisations.

The Client/Server version of our accounting software can cater for up to 100 simultaneous users, over local and remote networks. Strong encryption and comprehensive user management facilities mark Artemis Accounts out as a serious contender in the mid range accounting space.

The stock control (inventory control) features of Artemis Accounts 3 are modelled on big business systems and include ABC Analysis, Cycle Counting, and a full range of costing methods.

All editions of this mid range accounting system include:

The level 2 edition of this mid range accounting system also includes:

Furthermore, the level 3 edition of this mid range accounting system includes:

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