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Artemis Accounts can handle any currencies you work with.


Multi currency accounting with Artemis Accounts

Multi currency accounting is becoming increasingly common in today's world. Many European companies have had learn to deal with the Euro in addition to their own home currency. If they have customers in the US, they also need to be able to handle transactions in Dollars. Without the right accounting software, multi currency transactions can be highly problematic and a source of much frustration.

Artemis Accounts is a range of powerful accounting products that are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. Affordable and easy to use, these accounting solutions are ideal for anyone who is looking for multi currency accounting software. Artemis Accounts includes products for one-person operations as well as for medium-sized companies that require multi-user access with full inventory control.

All of our multi currency accounting software products use a "dual base" design. This means that all transactions are stored in your home currency and a "Reference Currency" of your choice, in addition to the original currency of the transaction. For companies operating in the EU, this allows the accounts to be displayed in Euro and a selected home currency. Of course, our multi currency solution could also be used to maintain accounts in Dollars and Rupees, or whatever combination you choose.

For businesses that operate in multi-currency zones, an optional Point of Sale module is available that allows sales to be made in any currency and payment to be accepted in any mix of currencies

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