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Proximity Card Readers - Specifications

We have selected four models of proximity card reader to link with HRPay and ATAMS. Each of these has it's own advantages and all will provide the same functionality when linked with HRPay.

However, if you also wish to use the card reader for access control, the basic Pegasus readers can only control one door, whereas the two AVEA readers can control 8 doors and allow you to implement "restricted areas" by allowing/denying access to specific doors. In addition, the AVEA readers can store a larger amount of events. For example, assuming that you have 20 employees, each of whom enters and exits three times per day, the Pegasus readers will store from about 10 days to two month's worth of data, whereas the AVEA readers would store over a year's worth of data.

An additional feature of the AVEA readers is the ability to email entry and exit data to another location, e.g. Head Office, in real time or periodically. They can also control a camera to capture a picture of the employee clocking in/out and include this in the email if required.

If you only wish to automate your payroll, and possibly control one door, the Pegasus readers supplied in our basic packages will be more than adequate. However, if you intend to implement a full access control system with restricted zones, you should consider one of the AVEA readers.

The following is a brief comparison of the four reader types:

Model Pegasus PP-85 Pegasus PP-6750 AVEA QuickProx AVEA iProx
Relative size
& appearance
Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 79 x 114 x 30 85 x 137 x 25 117 x 116.5 x 21 71 x 101 x 32
Colour Dark Grey Dark Grey White Black
Indicators Audible, Yellow & Red/Green Leds Audible, LCD Audible, Red & Green Leds Audible, Red & Green Leds, LCD
Memory 1,000 events (L)
10,000 events (M)
2,000 cards (L)
30,000 cards (M)
8,000 events
6,800 cards
50,000 events
5,000 cards
50,000 events
5,000 cards
Access Mode Card Only, Card & PIN, PIN Only Card Only, Card & PIN Card Only Card Only, Card & PIN, PIN Only
Email Capability Requires additional equipment Requires additional equipment Yes Yes
Video Capture No No Yes Yes
Comms. Options RS422, RS485, Ethernet RS422, RS485, Ethernet RS485 RS485, USB
Door Control 1 door 1 door Up to 8 doors Up to 8 doors
Operating Voltage 12Vdc 12Vdc 9-12Vdc 9-12Vdc
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