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SalesCycle CRM - Specification

The functionality of SalesCycle CRM is organised into six major areas, as outlined below:

General Features

Features which are common to all modules include:

  • Full lookup facility on accounts, codes, invoices, payments, etc.
  • Full password protection with function by function access control.
  • Capability to hide cost information for specific users.
  • Help prompt, popup help, and context-sensitive help on all inputs.
  • Automatic link to Artemis Accounts.


The Marketing Module provides facilities to manage campaigns, forecast sales, and view sales activity. Features of this module include:

  • Campaigns & Projects - a simple utility for managing marketing campaigns which tracks activities and provides a visual indication of the overall progress.
  • Sales Forecasting - a "wizard".that decomposes time-series data into Baseline, Trend, and Seasonality and used this to project future demand.
  • Sales Funnel - a charting function that shows activity at different stages of the sales cycle and the conversion of sales leads into actual sales.


The Entities Module provides all of the functionality needed to manage company details, user records and access control, customer records, and contact information

  • Company - records the contact details of your company and basic e-mail settings.
  • Personnel - utility to maintain user records, user e-mail settings, and control user access.
  • Customers - utility to maintain customer address and contact details.
  • Contacts - an address book with 5 categories of contact, 3 of which are shared between all users.


The Events Module provides the ability to enter/edit a variety of events and view the event history for each customer. It also provides the ability to create invoices and enter customer payments.

  • Event Entry - function to enter events and edit events that have been automatically created by SalesCycle.
  • Notes Entry - function to enter general notes, or attach notes to existing events.
  • Sales Invoicing - full multi-currency invoicing with high quality invoice documents.
  • Customer Payments - multi-currency invoice payment with edit/delete capability.
  • Event History - comprehensive history of all contacts with customers including:
    • All History
    • Contact History
    • Sales History
    • Opportunities
    • Notes
    • Contact & Sales statistics
    • Customer Account History
    • User-defined data

Invoices and customer payments which are created using the integrated functions are recorded as events.


The Communications Module provides internal and external e-mail capability, group chat, and message notes functions. It also allows phone calls to contacts to be initiated by SalesCycle using Skype or the Windows Telephony API.

  • Phone Dialler - integrated with the Telephony Interface and Skype to allow calls to be initiated from the Contact list.
  • Text via Skype - ability to send SMS text messages to Contact list via Skype.
  • E-mail - integrated local and remote e-mail functions with background polling and alert messages.
  • Chat - internal chat function for team discussions.
  • Message Notes - facility to post an electronic "sticky note" on other users screens.

Phone calls and SMS messages to customers which are initiated using SalesCycle, and e-mails sent to, and received from, customers using the integrated e-mail client are recorded as events.



Diary & Tasks

The Diary & Tasks Module Simply has a Diary and a To-do List.

  • Diary - gives you the ability to schedule appointments and tasks and keep a record of your activities. It includes alarm functions to remind you in advance of a scheduled task, or appointment, and colour-coded priorities and categories to quickly identify what you need to do during the day. Includes the ability to use it in a team environment and share tasks between team members. It also allows users to check for free time in other users' diaries which can simplify the scheduling of team meetings.
  • To-do List - a very simple utility to record upcoming tasks and remind you when they are due to be completed.

Tools & Settings

The Tools & Settings Module contains functions to link SalesCycle CRM to Artemis Accounts, backup and restore the database, import data from other applications, and control the configuration of the system.

  • Accounts Link - a "wizard" to create a link between SalesCycle and Artemis Accounts.
  • Data Import - a versatile data import utility which allows data to be imported from a wide variety of external file types.
  • Backup Data - a backup utility for local databases.
  • Restore Data - a restore utility for local databases.
  • Network Settings - a configuration utility for client/server implementations.
  • E-mail Settings - an e-mail configuration utility.
  • Diary Settings - a utility to configure the "look and feel" of the diary.
  • Invoice Settings - a utility to control invoice numbers & document style.

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