In over 20 countries across the globe, Artemis Accounts is the system of choice for businesses ranging in size from sole traders to manufacturing operations with international operations.

Simple invoicing software.

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The Artemis Accounts Product Range

Artemis Accounts is not just a single product. The product range contains solutions that are designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of business, from the one-person operation, all the way up to medium-sized companies that require a mid-range accounting solution with multi-user access and full industrial-strength inventory control. All editions of this accounting software have the same "look and feel" and share a common database architecture and will work on all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 7. Add-in modules can be used to extend the functionality of Artemis Accounts 2 & 3 giving the ability to have a fully customised accounting solution. A brief overview of the product range is provided below and more detailed functionality listings can be viewed on the Features page.


 Artemis Accounts 1

This is our entry-level product for users who need a single-user accounting system that meets all of the basic requirements for purchasing, sales & invoicing, bank & cash accounts, and the tracking of accounts payable and receivable, with a minimum of complexity. It also has a Nominal/General Ledger which provides the ability to produce an Income Statement (P&L) and a Balance Sheet.

Key features:
  • Multi-company.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Includes Nominal, Purchase, Sales, Bank & Cashbook.
  • Comprehensive set of reports.
  • Reports exports to Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Customisable invoices, credit notes & statements.
  • Remote Diagnosis/Support.
  • Integrated Accounting Tutorial.
Buy Artemis Accounts 1 Download Artemis Accounts 1 Artemis Accounts detailed specifications View screenshot

Price: €149.99+VAT     


 Artemis Accounts 2

For users who require detailed invoicing, with product and service codes and free text entry, Artemis Accounts 2 is the best choice.

In addition to all of the features of the basic edition, it includes sales quotations, additional invoicing options, recurring purchase and sales invoices, and an asset register with depreciation processing.

Key features:
  • 14-character part/item numbers.
  • Additional invoice options.
  • Automatic conversion of quotation to invoice.
  • Asset Register with depreciation processing.
  • Powerful Report Designer.
  • Client/Server multi-user enabled.
  • Extendable through custom Add-in modules.

This is the most popular choice for businesses that do not require physical inventory/stock control and where there may be a need to add custom functionality and/or additional users as the business grows.

Buy Artemis Accounts 2 Download Artemis Accounts 2 Artemis Accounts detailed specifications View screenshot

Price: €249.00+VAT     


 Artemis Accounts 3

If you need detailed tracking of physical items, from goods inward to shipping, then Artemis Accounts 3 is a must. With multiple locations, bills of material, assembly management, and cycle counting, the inventory control features of this application are similar to those found in large companies.

Unlike many well-known accounting packages, everything is integrated with the Sales and Purchases modules - no need for double entries. When you receive an item, the inventory is automatically updated. When you sell an item, the inventory is automatically depleted.

In addition to all the new features contained in Artemis Accounts 2, this version includes Sales Orders and Purchase Orders, with the ability to automatically generate Purchase Orders when stock levels reach a re-order point. The assembly management functions of Artemis Accounts 3 accomodate small scale manufacturing using traditional kitting or backflush operations and the product is currently used by small manufacturing companies in a number of countries.

Buy Artemis Accounts 3 Artemis Accounts detailed specifications View screenshot

Price: €399.00+VAT     


Client/Server Multi-user Editions

One of the major benefits of Artemis Accounts is the seamless transition between different versions of the software. As your business grows, you can move from one edition to another without any data conversion or upgrading worries.

Even if you don't need mult-user capability now, you can rest assured that your initial investment is "future-proofed" and the option is always there to convert to a client/server implementation.

Artemis Accounts 2 and 3 are client/server enabled as supplied can be converted to multi-user client/server mode by the simple addition of a server application. This version of the software allows users to access the system from remote locations, even over the internet.

Artemis Accounts 2 - 5-user edition: €849.00+VAT     Artemis Accounts 3 - 5-user edition: €1,349.00+VAT     Other prices available on request.

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